How do I stop losing my money?

Exness reimburses your costs on large wire transfers
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What expenses are there when making a deposit with a wire transfer?

  • When ordering an international wire transfer the trader pays a fee to his or her bank for performing the transaction.
  • If the transfer is made not directly from the client's bank to our bank, but rather through several correspondent banks, each of them may withhold a fee.
  • A significant part of the cost comes from conversion if the client's bank account currency is not US dollars.

How can I be reimbursed for additional expenses?

Exness offers to compensate transfer costs - both bank fees and conversion expenses - if the deposit amount is greater than 50,000 USD.

  • Simply submit a request after completing the transfer and upload the payment order.
  • Our specialists will credit the reimbursement to the Exness client's trading account.

The ability to receive reimbursement makes wire transfers not only one of the safest ways to make a deposit in your national currency but also the most profitable.