2 9, 2017
Exness 그룹의 월간 거래량이 기록을 경신하여 2660억 달러를 달성하였습니다

자랑스럽고 들뜬 마음으로 전 세계의 귀중한 클라이언트들과 파트너들께 Exness의 소식을 알려드립니다! 1월을 마감하면서 Exness 그룹의 월간 총 거래량이 역대 최고치인 2660억 달러를 달성하였습니다!

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Exness 그룹 뉴스
2 14, 2017
Exness extends endangered wildlife conservation partnership with WWF

As a proactive supporter of nature conservation, Exness recently renewed its partnership with World Wildlife Fund Russia, pledging funds to the conservation and reintroduction of endangered species—the polar bears and Persian leopards.

1 16, 2017
Exness One+ live trading contest concluded with USD 33,445 in The Big Pool

We have successfully concluded One+ Live trading contest with a total of 3,114 participants and a final cash prize pool of USD 33,445. The month-long Live trading contest, where participants play a pivotal role in determining the final cash prize, also saw a total of USD 69,655 forex bonuses distributed.

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