Exness: Trade with an edge in every moment

By Reem Bacha

23 October 2023

It’s late. You’re tired. And your brain is at war with your ego. You grit your teeth and fight your doubts, because, despite the noise, you know what’s going to happen.

Hours of analysis have told you what’s going to happen. You just have to be patient and keep looking.

Then, in a moment of sheer perfection, there it is. The retracement. You’re vindicated. You’re a visionary. And it’s go time.

But now comes the real test. Is your trade going to open at the price you want, or is your perfect set-up going to start hemorrhaging pips?

In this moment, and every other moment like it in your trading career, it’s all about who your broker is. So ask yourself, is your trading strategy getting the edge it deserves?

That’s the question that Exness was founded to answer. We were built by traders, for traders; traders who understand these moments and exactly what you need to thrive within them. So, as you read this, think about your trading strategy. Think about what it has, what it needs, and what it can gain if you decide to build a portfolio with Exness.

The edge of speed

In our line of work, every millisecond counts. So we don’t play around when it comes to execution. Whether you’re trading large volumes or small, we execute your trades with minimal to no latency, regardless of leverage.

We’ve spent years building a robust trading engine that can handle over $4T in monthly trading volume. We’ve also placed our servers in strategic hubs around the world to keep you close to the execution venue, no matter where you are.

All of this is to make sure you catch every possible pip, both with instant or market execution. We’re not here to make empty promises and tell you that slippage doesn’t exist. You’re a trader, and you know better than to believe that anyway. But we can proudly say that here, slippage is rare. And you can go to and check our full tick history, to see it for yourself.

The edge of predictability

In an industry with so many variables, being able to estimate your trading costs is still considered science fiction by many. But that’s exactly what our pricing algorithms aim to tackle.

Our engineers have developed a proprietary system that works to keep spreads both low and stable, even during market volatility.

There’s no world in which spreads stay the same during an NFP, for example, but the last test we ran showed that even during the Non-Farm Payroll, our spreads, on average, were 60-70% lower and more stable than some of the biggest participants in the market.

Not to mention, you don’t have to factor in swaps to your cost calculations. You can hold overnight positions completely swap-free on a host of instruments, including all FX majors, most FX minors, stocks, indices, gold, natural gas, and US and UK oil.

When we say trade with an edge in every moment, we mean it.

The edge of protection

Now let’s tackle the dreaded stop out. Sometimes, things just don’t go your way. But that doesn’t mean you have to surrender when the markets turn against you.

At Exness, Stop Out Protection steps in to give your positions a second opportunity. If your equity drops to 0, it is then adjusted to represent a higher amount (half the spread multiplied by the trading volume). This bumps up your equity and gets you back in the game when it counts the most.

On average, it reduces stop outs by 30% and gives you the opportunity to turn a losing position into a profitable one. That said, if the market just won’t turn in your favor and you do end up stopping out, Negative Balance Protection will jump in to restore your balance to 0.

Yet another edge, in the most crucial of moments.

The edge of instant withdrawals

Let’s be honest, this is where trust in a broker is either made or broken.

At Exness, your money is yours, period. We don’t believe in fine print or red tape. No hassle or in-house fees.

The minute you press the button, your withdrawal is on its way. We work with over 90 local and international payment providers that are both trusted and efficient, so you can make your payments seamlessly.

So, in moments of happiness when you want to withdraw your earnings, we will be there to deliver. And in critical moments, when you need to step in and save your position, your deposit will get there quickly, for free.

So, are you ready to find your edge?

We’ve gone over a lot, and there’s more to cover. We haven’t even touched on our zero stop levels, PCI DSS protection, and trading terminals.

But it doesn't matter, because this isn’t about us.

It’s about you, your trading strategy, and the hours you pour into it every day. As traders, we know that we’re hard-wired to always be looking for better opportunities and new ways to improve.

So in this moment in your trading career, consider this: are you ready to finally up your game, and give your strategy the edge it deserves?

This is not investment advice. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Your capital is at risk, please trade responsibly.


Reem Bacha
Reem Bacha

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